Legend Files: 1970’s All-Decade team

Today we tackle the second in a series we call the ‘Legend Files’. This edition captures the 1970’s of the NBA timeline. In this decade we see a total of 8 different teams win the NBA Title, which is a stark contrast to the prior decade. The league has now gained some steam and has expanded quite a bit during the 1970’s.

The same rules apply, we will stick with the traditional 5 positions, but may have a player or two play slightly outside their position, if need be. Our version of an NBA All-Decade team will have a 6th man as well, because so many times there’s that one player that just seems left out. The player must have played at least 7 seasons in that decade.

Here’s our lineup:

  • PG - Walt Frazier
  • SG - John Havlicek
  • SF - Julius Erving
  • PF - Elvin Hayes
  • C - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • 6th - Rick Barry

The seventies were a weird time, man. There were so many good (and i mean good) players that you can’t fit them all in. You know who’s missing that kills me, Pete Maravich. I just can’t stand that I had to keep him off this list, but Walt Frazier won two chips to Pete’s zero. It’s a shame really that I had to do it.

Let us know what you think, who would you change and why?

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