Legend Files: 1960’s All-Decade team

Today we tackle the first in a series we will call the ‘Legend Files’. We start in the 1960’s of the NBA timeline. To our chagrin, it was mostly dominated by Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics, but credit where credit is due. The league was still in it’s infancy with limited teams, but this decade is where the NBA legends begin to take off.

We will stick with the traditional 5 positions, but may have a player or two play slightly outside their position, if need be. Our version of an NBA All-Decade team will have a 6th man as well, because so many times there’s that one player that just seems left out. We also will have a stipulation that the player must have played at least 7 seasons in that decade.

Here’s our lineup:

  • PG - Oscar Robertson
  • SG - Jerry West
  • SF - Elgin Baylor
  • PF - Bill Russell
  • C - Wilt Chamberlain
  • 6th - John Havlicek

All of these players made it into double digit all star games for their career, and we think that’s a big deal. There were other names considered of course, but you can’t please everyone!

Let us know what you think, who would you change and why?

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